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New Age — a synthesis of the spiritual, electronic, ethnic, classical, instrumental, soothing music, using light and harmonizing melodies. This music is often used for soothing, relaxation, meditation and encouraging creativity.


Composers of New Age music is generally engaged in spiritual practices and address the themes of nature, self-knowledge and a national culture of peace. New Age music is dedicated to the subject of space, nature and harmony of the world, it brings positive energy, relieves stress, heals body and soul.

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New Age — is a special world. World harmony, new energy and spiritual knowledge. In music, this style can feel the inner spiritual light and vibration inherent in the people, touching the truth. Listening to this music, and he gets a bit lighter and kinder.

To live in the world, need to be part of it. It is necessary to take care of the people around us, the Planet and cherish everything we have. New Age Music makes people pleasant feelings. This music can change a person for the better, and it is the desire of all artists of the New Age.

Despite the variety of techniques used by each group for their personal transformation goal of the group is always the same: to transform a person, and then transform the world.

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