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Angelight — Deep Transformation

The music of this album takes the listener on a deep inner experience, the ability to transform negative thoughts and feelings into positive energy. Melodies and rhythms capture the attention and eventually send it to the secret corners of your soul.

Imagine that you reach the inner space of your soul and dissolved at an incredible depth of thin conditions, losing the boundaries of the usual perception, woven into the thin fabric of divine creation. Melodies and harmonies direct your attention to deeper, and you feel in yourself and the world as a whole.

Angelight new album written specifically for travel in the boundless world of mysterious images and states. Changing yourself can only be started from the very depths of your subconscious.

Music can also be used for sessions of holotropic breathing. Angelight created this album, from his own experience of living the inner transformation of the practice of holotropic breathing, which deals with more than 20 years.

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