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Angelight — Heavenly Angels

Angels are always represented the best person of the light and high traits. Listening to this music, every time you find them in your soul. Their wings can soar when your power is running out. The light emanating from them will light your way. Their selflessness and service to God’s plan to cleanse your heart and mind of negative thoughts. Their lightness and flexibility will save you from unnecessary stress. Their celestial will charge you with `spiritual energy of the divine order for a happy life and help translate high thoughts.

The music of this album, it harmony healing takes you into another dimension, where everything dark will disappear, you will feel cozy, as if in a womb, safe and well …

You will feel the flow of light, bathed in unconditional love. After listening, you feel that you have been somewhere in heaven where you are really, really beloved and assisted to pass life lessons

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