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Angelight — Open Heart

Music key to opening your heart in this music. Tantric rhythms combined with ethnic harmonies and beautiful melodies push your self-awareness to a new level of self-perception. Listen, the energy of the music flow through the meridians of your spiritual being and a spirit in the most important result of any practice — an open heart. If you captured the process of immersion in deep states, you’re already on the way to the knowledge of the main goal of his life — freedom from any restrictions in the manifestation of your spirituality. Now you’re ready to open your heart!

Only open heart will help us to get help from the world and presents the universe. Stop waiting, locked in his tight shell of everyday life. It’s time to open up new energies, and climb to the wave of vivid experiences! Open your heart and feel the fresh breath of freedom in self-expression and self-realization, because the only way you can grow your spiritual nature and go beyond a boring life.

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