Anjey Satori

Anjey Satori

Anjey Satori, who is the founder of Satori Music Label, is composer, teacher of yoga, quigong and bioenergetics practices.

Being 17 years oldhe found his interest in self-development and was looking for answers to the eternal questions of «Who am I?» and «where am I going?» He practiced yoga, meditation, astral travel techniques, Reiki, Qigong healing, developed his ESP abilities. He worked at the Institute of Alternative Medicine, conducted training sessions in yoga studios.

He achieved successin meditation. As a result of in-depth meditation practice, one day there was a meeting with the «Higher Self.» It was the experience of the expansion of consciousness, a sense of inner light and bliss, like the description of the state of Satori in Zen Buddhism.

Anjej Satori’s music is an experience of his meditative practice. Listening to this music helps to enter into a state of inner peace, silence, stop the internal dialogue.

New Age artists use the sounds of nature and the alpha, theta rhythms of brain activity that contributes to a deep relaxation and triggers healing and self-healing.

At present, Anjey is producing the New Age musicians and has already wrote a book about the healing aura and spiritual transformation of human.


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