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Anjey Satori — Healing Sounds of Tibet

This is music for meditation and healing. The sounds of Tibetan bowls and bells and throat singing of Tibetan monks, harmonize and purify your chakras, the technology of recording Moduss — synchronizes the hemispheres of the brain and enhance the meditative experience.

Tibetan singing bowls — an ancient tool of meditation, acquires recently more and more popular. Sound and vibration singing bowls have a harmonizing effect, are in resonance with the internal vibrations of the human body and restore their balance, give a sense of peace and deep relaxation cialis online. In Tibet believe that man will never go to hell, if it is to listen to the sound of singing bowls.

Tibetan singing bowls have an impact on the physical body, not only in the form of deep muscle relaxation, but also, thanks to its unique sound, can help cleanse our body at the cellular level by many pathogens.

The sound of singing bowls affects the etheric body, clearing the channels through which energy moves; It clears the astral body, soothing the senses; It harmonizes the mental body, there is the effect of the expansion of consciousness and restructuring world.

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