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Anjey Satori — Sound of Chakras

Chakras music

Chakras — are special energy centers in a person’s energy, which are responsible for the interchange body needs spectra energy and information with the outside world. The lower chakras are associated with the physical world, with top spiritual.

Chakras have a tremendous impact on health, behavior and perception of the world of man. Meditative practices with the chakras are widely used in Indian Yoga and Tantric Buddhism.

On this album, recorded special sound vibrations that activate and charging chakra energy. To practice best suited to any posture straight spine. Listen to the vibration of each chakra and try to feel the presence of the chakras in the body. The final formulation, move your attention away from the upper to the lower chakra Sahasrara chakra Muladhara.

Practice regularly, and will be rewarded with a pleasant sensation of vibration in the whole body, a sense of balance in life and energy charge.


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