Dmitry Krasnoukhov

Dmitry Krasnoukhov

Born in the town of Sukhoi Log, Sverdlovsk region, Russia, in the family of a military man.

Finished a music school in 1982in the town of Wünsdorf, Germany.Transferred from grade 4 tograde 6 due to the outstanding learning skills.Very fond of the European pop music of the 80’s (ABBA, SPACE), Soviet singers (ZODIAC), selection, arrangement of these melodies and performance in the school club.

1984: relocation to Kyiv. Participation in concerts and contests of VIA and rock bands.

1987-1989: student of the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, Radio-engineering Department. Participation in the “KVN” club and theater performances.Work in the Young Theatre, «Suzir’ya» theatre (organization of classical music rooms before the performance).

1990-1995: student of theNational Pedagogical Dragomanov University; obtained a Specialist Degree and a qualification of a teacher of music and culture with the right of teaching piano in musical colleges (specialization). Piano Teacher — EricaVasilieva.

1996-1998:founder of the music studio in the «Ecologia i kultura»private elementary school, classical music concerts in Ukraine, Belarus and Transnistria. Active public awareness campaign — Library of Arts (10Vozdukhoflotsky Ave,Kyiv), music room at the cultural center of National Pedagogical Dragomanov University — concerts, lectures on the life and work of the great composers andgenialness for school and university students.

Regular participant of the festivals: «Orpheus» (Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi), «Pedagogic of the 21st century» (Odesa). Award winner at Performing Arts Festival in Vicenza (Italy, 2000)

2001-2002: student of “Tselyi Mir” St. Petersburg center of personal and spiritual education (certificates), «Space game» course.

Since 2002:keenengagementin composition and piano improvisation impressed by the creativity of Kevin Kern (San Francisco), creation of a collection of beautiful melodies, concert activity.

2006:»KapliRadugi», the first artist-owned album was released. The music was popularized in the world, including by means of the well-known «CDbaby»brand. Currently, 4 more albums are officially available for the music amateurs.

Some of the projects to name a few: the soundtrack for «Ukrposhta» TV commercials, over 2 hours of music for the children’s programs at the Ukrainian radio, participation in the opening of salons («FIAT», «Kontsepty», «Conika», «Odessa-Kino»), a gift album for «Christina Top Cosmetics», participation at Expoplaza exhibition (Italian massage techniques, decorative landscaping) at the opening of private picture galleries, celebrations, psychological conferences and festivals.

Since 2009: a member of the Ukrainian National Musical Society of the Union of Composers of Ukraine.

Currently,Dmytro is engaged in concert, research and publishing activities as well as art therapy, organizes concerts during the theater season in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine and foreign countries,and in the Crimeain summer.


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