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Ds’air — The Miracle of Practice

When the author started working on the album, most of all he wanted to pass it on an emotional level, what is happening to him — that is his life, his way of his vision.
The title track speak for themselves. «The emptiness overtakes me» — this is a moment of meditation, the stopping internal dialogue, tightens you up to the social element. And now you are a microcosm, a piece of the infinite, supramental, very beautiful, universal …
«Inner core» is made as a small performance. Changing musical moments talks about how with time growing inner self-belief.
«Holy abstract» — the very phrase borrowed from Castaneda. It is a prayer and dance thanks Peace, God, nature — for all that they do for us.
Internal development, the growth of consciousness, are inseparable from the expansion of the world of ordinary human life. In turn, the music — it is emotion in its purest form, is not burdened by thoughts, in its ideal state. And the most beautiful thing that we have — it is, as always, the path itself, the road itself and adventures on the road.

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