Ds’air (Dmitry Samoylenko) —  musician, a saxophonist on education. It so happened that my creative aspirations converged on the crossroads of several directions. This is a modern jazz and fusion music. Our group «Panda Nation» creates and plays just in this style.

Also I am writing and playing pop vocal music. Special place in my work takes meditative and electronic instrumental. It’s whole field of discovery and creation of new worlds. Frankly, a great period of my life I was engaged in various spiritual practices and teachings and that shaped my outlook and certainly affected the music work.

Songs and albums of my solo project «Ds’Air» just reflect my spiritual quest and internal growth. I try and I will always try my music led to peace and inner harmony with the surrounding world. If you can look at life with loving eyes as you listen to my songs, so I fulfilled my mission.

I play the alto sax, ewi akai 4000s, keyboards, flutes and ocarinas, singing. I use modern computer music software.

I wish you all a magical journey through life!


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