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Hector Mukomol — Immersion

Hector Mukomol created this world not to dive into the unknown alone. In this he was helped by Vitaly Tatsyak, who played in the album on the bamboo flute.

When listening to this high-quality ambience there is a feeling as though you merge into three worlds at once. One of them — a world of water. This is the water of varying quality, in which there is room for plankton, and for whales, and for those who do not have their own name in a modern language. The second — of course, the world of air. This is not just an open space. No, rather, it is the wind itself, which is consciously chosen the direction — from land straight into heaven without turning off — and easily, but surely brings with it all those who hear. Well, at the intersection of these two worlds, but independently of them, there is a third — one of whom did not speak the words, as it futile exercise. We will not talk and we — and millet will listen. Over time, the longer you plunge into the world, and the world plunged into you — and …

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