Olexa Kabanov

Olexa Kabanov

Olexa Kabanov — touring musician, equally naturally playing the old European, Eastern and African instruments. String, wind instruments, percussion — it seems that there is nothing on which he was unable to play. And — quality, professional, rich.

He has participated in projects such as Er.J.Orchestra, Haydamaky, Mandry, Nadobriden cooperated with Oleg Skrypka, Maria Burmaka — a list of musicians is increasing every year. His game certainly adds deep, important colors to the music, the creation of which he participated.

Many musicians, following the path of self-improvement, sooner or later, become acquainted with the musical culture of the East — and gets penetrated with it. Yes, and it is difficult to remain indifferent to this exotic beauty. We can only admit, let through and — let the world. Olexa succeeded in it — you can see for yourself. Virtuoso playing on exotic instruments, Olexa Kabanov searches for new approaches, twisting in his compositions the East and West.


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